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100wc – … we seemed to be on the television…

As I settle in for the night, I was getting ready to tuck myself into bed. The feeling of my pajamas touching my skin was life-changing. I was going to fall back right where I stood. Just then I was back in focus. “What was I doing again?” I ask myself. I looked back at my bed and stood there for a quick second, I shrug and cover myself in the silky pink covers.
I suddenly wake up and I wake up in a position I don’t remember going in, I lift my head making a questionable big double chin and I just see my blankets on the floor. And out the corner of my eye see someone smiling out my window just looking at me. A smile no human could make. I then sit up and lean against the head of my bed, the figure I see is still there. I rub my eyes and nothing has changed. “Mum, there is someone out my window, he won’t go away.” “Umm, you don’t have a window in your room… You have a mirror…” I look back and I drop the phone. “The person you have tried to call has now blocked you, “my phone said. “Lilly, Lilly are you there…” my mum asked with a scared shaky tone… Through the phone, you could hear a scream…
A few weeks later, she watches the news… “BREAKING NEWS! Someone by the name of Lilly Holden has been found dead in her apartment…”… “Hey, that’s me!!” Lilly says…”
Now, as Zehra, I ask you… How is this possible?

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the dream

1. I woke up
2. I look out my window
3. I see a gorilla
4. A yellow gorilla
5. It’s running away
6. I catch it
7. I sell it
8. I get $10 000 000

The correct order is: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1
1. I woke up
2. I’m a middle-aged, pretty girl
3. I go to the mall
4. I see a man
5. We fall in love
6. He is rich and we buy a mansion
7. We live happily ever after

The correct order is: 2 3 4 5 6 7 1

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school captain speech

I am Zehra. Today I’m here to tell you why I should be school captain for 2019.
It would be such an honor to be 2019s school captain because I am comfortable with speaking out loud and when I’m speaking in front of unfamiliar faces, I remain calm and confident. I am also very organized, I show this by filling out my diary before, during and after school. This helps me plan upcoming events and hand work in on time. I think being a school captain, it would be easy to remember upcoming events.

Another reason is the way I collaborate, I like to work with older and younger people. In fact, I think working with other people is great, it will help you make more friends and it will make MPPS a better environment for other kids. When I help people, it’s mostly the people younger than me. Buddies are a really big responsibility and I definitely think that when we all get buddies, we take care of them and we help them.

When I collaborate, it mostly helped me in class masters. It was a good way to work with other people. I was comfortable at talking in front of the class and it’s even better when talking in front of the school. Class masters really made a difference and it helped me a lot.

If I get to be school captain, I’ll show you how honest and friendly I am. If you need anything, just come to talk to me. I am easy to talk to.

I am always open to new learning experiences. By that, I mean I’m always inspired to learn new things without any hesitation. I know most people do hesitate, but I encourage that you don’t, and you give a try at something you’re not a fan of. Just maybe you’ll find that you like it, and you would never have known if you had not pushed yourself outside of your comfort zone.

I think the qualities of being a good leader are being respectful, honest, inclusive and helpful. These are some traits I show in the school, and when I show other people how to do the right thing, like my buddy Rosie.
I think other kids usually look for instructions when they are looking for a good leader, I think the way they are looking for them is asking, and I think they want a leader that gives them answers.

So, I would like to be school captain because it will help me learn new things. I’ve also never had a big leadership role in the school, apart from the green team in year 3. Personally, I think school captain is a really hard role in the school, and I’m always up for trying new things as well as experiencing new challenges.

I’d like to thank everyone for giving me the opportunity for sharing my interest in applying for 2019s school captain.
Thank you.

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BTN review: the ancient study of astronomy

1. the ancient Greeks, Babylonians, and the Maya all have something to do with astronomy, Babylonians created mathematical models which created calendars.
2. The Mayans also created a long count calendar, which people nowadays can still understand.
3. A Roman Greek citizen of the Roman empire who was born in ancient Egypt, he was an astronomer most famous for the Ptolemaic system.

other information:
the Ptolemaic system showed that the earth was located in the center of the universe.
Maya – a group of Mesoamerican Indians.
Babylon – A city-state that was located near modern Baghdad.
babylon: the birthplace of the earliest forms of modern horoscopic astrology.
the precession of the equinoxes – a term for the wobbling of the earth around its axis.
an ancient Greek mathematician was considered to be the best astronomer and the father of trigonometry.

Q1- How did the Greek citizens find out that the ancient Greek person [i don’t know how to spell his name] was a mathematician?
Q2- is the math nowadays easier than the math back then?

I now understand that ancient Babylon is a city-state that was located near modern Baghdad, therefore the two states connected in a way that one was split into two parts, I also now understand that Babylons people also recorded lots of astronomical observations in writing. This helps them create an astronomical phenomenon which helped them create a calendar. YET another calendar was created by Mayas, a group of Mesoamerican Indians, the Maya like the Babylonians studied the stars.
they used their sophisticated number system and astronomical observations to try and predict the times like when the war will start.

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100 word challenge- However, she could not believe what she had done..

It was Midnight, and it was time for my sister and I to go to sleep. I head to my sister’s room and tuck her into bed, I head to my room and try to sleep. But my Sister won’t stop coming into my room asking for a bedtime story, so I only agreed to 1 book only, it was called “The rushing” We enter her room and turn on her fairy nightlight’s and I start reading the book. In the book, there are two kids named Ace and Nila, they go on an adventure to find a secret flower that restores the magic youth for a princess that lost her powers and her powers were put into the flower by a witch named Julia.

In the middle of the book, I see that the witch messed up on a spell and Ace and Nila found the flower and gave it to the princess and she got her powers back. it was the end of the book and I asked my sister how the book was. she answers me with. “it was good, i liked the witch. however, I can’t believe what she had done…”


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Behind The News classroom work 4: Don’t panic

this BTN was about the different ways to prevent these upcoming natural disasters, two family’s of four have been given an important test to take, this test will see how they will react to a natural disaster, this family of four, the Matthews: Rod, Marg, Riley, and Liam have taken the natural disaster test with experts in the area and police to stay if something goes wrong. They live in Hornsby Heights near Sydney’s north shore. It’s near a national park. And on a catastrophic fire day things could get dangerous. With the help of special effects, like smoke machines, they are able to get the full experience.

The Matthews looked on TV and went to look at the news,  a part from the test was on the news. The news reader has just explained that a bush fire has just started in Glenorie near Sydney’s north shore. The Matthews then start filling up the bath tub to prepare the house After filling up the bath Rob and Liam head for the roof, that’s often what we see on TV during bush fires but the Fire Service says it’s actually pretty dangerous, so they needed to get off.

Up in the northern New South Wales town of Tweed Heads another type of pretend disaster is about to hit. Dale, Elliot, Bridget and Paul are about to see how they’d cope with a serious cyclone. they start doing the test and soon they work on the windows. they soon finish the test after they blocked the house and checked the area.

This BTN shows that Two family’s  of Four participated in a test to find out whats its like when a natural disaster occurs.  this test was letting people know how you can prevent these natural disasters from happening.

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100 word challenge

It was my family and I, we started walking down the park’s side walk. The birds were chirping, dogs were barking; it was a great summer’s day.  Until the end of the path, I was suddenly lost. I couldn’t here singing birds, nor barking dogs. All I could hear was the whistling trees.

I was scared of the sound of nothing. “M-m-mum….d-d-dad…” I looked around, there was no one and nothing to be seen. It was several hours of wondering around, there was nothing, I suddenly found this odd shaped tree, it had fruit on it. I wondered “what if it ruled the world, would it change the future of us all?”

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100 word challenge

It was almost time for a soccer game and my team’s opponent’s are LATE! Mrs Higgins is so annoyed because everyone has been telling her “oh, their diffidently late.” and asking her, “When are they coming, we’ve been here for over 3 minutes.

“okay, they will be here soon, just calm down, its no big deal. we can cancel the game if they don’t arrive at 2:20.” she said looking at her watch. the questions keep getting told and asked.

the bus FINALLY arrives and I didn’t know. “EVERYONE IN YOUR POSITIONS< NOW!” Mrs Higgins exclaims. “wait, When did they arrive,?” i say.

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Herald sun

There are many dangers caused by natural disasters. such as, Brutal weather, cyclones and more, its sad because, New South Wales and Victoria are battling very harsh bush fires. the dangers caused trees to get ripped out of the ground, power lines are yanked out of the power poles, making it possible for you to get electrocuted. boats flew off their moorings, this storm hit at about midday.

homeowners were warned to stay indoors as the huge winds saw fully grown trees rolling down streets and roofs flying off buildings.

Yesterday about 23,000 homes were still without power.

this post is telling you the dangers of natural disasters and how you can learn to prevent them.


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100 word challenge

“Firstly I would like to welcome Moonee ponds primary school to our bush expedition, i am exited to share with you the wonders of nature. Shall we begin?” All the student’s were so exited to see what the ranger had to show, just then the ranger said… “This week, we have a very strange appearance in the woods!”  Thats when he revealed it, a large tree stump with unexpected legs. “This stump my friends, has been turned into art by students who have visited from Buckley Park Collage, the story behind this piece of work is, our bushes should be visited and appreciated more often. the trees are telling you to come again.”