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100 word challenge


BANG, BANG, BANG…  the banging was so loud and scary coming from the attic. A part of me wanted to avoid the noise but the other part was so curious to see what it was. Curiosity took control so I slowly pulled own the attic ladder and started to climb.

I popped my head through the manhole to see the window open, the brown curtains being blown by the wind coming through causing the window doors to bang. Paper flew everywhere and my goldfish looking so scared.

Thankfully the banging stopped when I shut closed the window took a long tome to close, but i suddenly did it.

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Six-room process With Adrian

Adrian’s poem:  

 I WAS NEXT A BIRD:                                                                                                                                Zehra’s poem:

 I was next to a bird                                          I do not know                                                                     The sun was bright.          

I was the third.                                                 I’m feeling happy.                                                               It had lots of light.                               

I was flying.                                                       Because i’m next to a bird                                                The ground was hard.

Right next to a bird.                                        Chirping birds                                                                       My mind was blank.

The sun was bright.                                         Chirping birds                                                                     I met an animal and

And I was light.                                                 Chirping birds                                                                    I named it HANK?!

And so was the bird.                                                                                                                                         It was my BEST friend.

The bird was cheeping.                                                                                                                                   And it suprisingly could bend.

And I was peeping.                                                                                                                                           calm and gentle,

To look at the birds.                                                                                                                                        calm and gentle,

I am next to a school.                                                                                                                                        calm and gentle.

Why would I be next to a school?

Does the bird like me?

Or does it like someone else?

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behind The News classroom work 3: airport security.

summary sentence: blue

facts: magenta 

understandings: yellow

questions: orange


This btn was about the airport introducing security and technology.

Did you know Australian passports have a security chip inside to help the security identify you?

Did you know that fidget spinners are dangerous around and in the airport, because it could be against the law, and could get other people hurt?

I now understand that the airport has metal detectors for not just toys,but for guns and knifes. 

What was the airport like before security was introduced to the Melbourne airport?





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100 word challenge

My Grandma has been stuck in this hooded figure that I’m not going to approach.

I’m worried that i’ll get possed by it if i try to save her.  There was an old tale about this figure, it will possess you if you touch it, or go anywhere near it.  ”It’s just a lame story.” I thought to myself.

UNTIL .  .  .

But i went to touch it, just to proove to my friends that I’m not lame. I felt like it looked at me even though it had no face.

I felt like my Grandma said ”HELP.”

But maybe it was just a dream. . .

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Behind the news classroom work 2: Sharknets.

summary sentence: light sky blue

facts: plum

understandings: light pink

question: gold

This video was about Shark nets and why we have them.

Did you know that Sharks are one of the BIGGEST fish in the world, apart from whale. Also, shark nets that are used can catch and kill sharks, instead of keeping them away. Did you ALSO know that, instead of just killing sharks, shark nets are also killing turtles, sting rays, whales and dolphins.

We now understand that shark nets are killing other sea animals apart from sharks. We also understand why people don’t want shark nets.

One question that we have is that,why do people want to keep sharks away.

In this activity I worked with Liv.

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Behind The News class work 1: Pet sales.

Summary sentence: red

Facts: green

Question: pink

Understandings: magenta

This video was about pets, and where they should be sold.

Some people think that, people are breeding dogs and cats to much. Some people even think that you shouldnt sell cats and dogs at  pets stores, they want only want rescued animals. Anonther reason is that pets at pet can cost at least 1,000 dollars. I now understand why people want pets, to be only sold at recued centers. Another thing I understand is how much money pets cost  for people. A question im still wondering is that,why do some victorions want to get rid of pets from pet sales.

with this activity I worked with Liv & Annie.

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100 Word Challenge 1

I ran to the fridge to find something to eat. I was starving I saw NOTHING IN THE FRIDGE! “what to do…” I thought to myself.

“MUM!” I yelled from the far back, “IM HUNGRY AND THERE IS NOTHING IN THE FRIDGE!” I yelled again “stop yelling and we don’t have the money to go get food

I snuck out at midnight and went to a fast food store I first looked in mums bag to see if there WAS any money THERE WAS A 100 DOLLAR NOTE!!!!!!!

when I got to the KFC< everything was so junky. I just couldn’t eat something so horrible….