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100 word challenge

It was my family and I, we started walking down the park’s side walk. The birds were chirping, dogs were barking; it was a great summer’s day.  Until the end of the path, I was suddenly lost. I couldn’t here singing birds, nor barking dogs. All I could hear was the whistling trees.

I was scared of the sound of nothing. “M-m-mum….d-d-dad…” I looked around, there was no one and nothing to be seen. It was several hours of wondering around, there was nothing, I suddenly found this odd shaped tree, it had fruit on it. I wondered “what if it ruled the world, would it change the future of us all?”

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100 word challenge

It was almost time for a soccer game and my team’s opponent’s are LATE! Mrs Higgins is so annoyed because everyone has been telling her “oh, their diffidently late.” and asking her, “When are they coming, we’ve been here for over 3 minutes.

“okay, they will be here soon, just calm down, its no big deal. we can cancel the game if they don’t arrive at 2:20.” she said looking at her watch. the questions keep getting told and asked.

the bus FINALLY arrives and I didn’t know. “EVERYONE IN YOUR POSITIONS< NOW!” Mrs Higgins exclaims. “wait, When did they arrive,?” i say.

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Herald sun

There are many dangers caused by natural disasters. such as, Brutal weather, cyclones and more, its sad because, New South Wales and Victoria are battling very harsh bush fires. the dangers caused trees to get ripped out of the ground, power lines are yanked out of the power poles, making it possible for you to get electrocuted. boats flew off their moorings, this storm hit at about midday.

homeowners were warned to stay indoors as the huge winds saw fully grown trees rolling down streets and roofs flying off buildings.

Yesterday about 23,000 homes were still without power.

this post is telling you the dangers of natural disasters and how you can learn to prevent them.


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100 word challenge

“Firstly I would like to welcome Moonee ponds primary school to our bush expedition, i am exited to share with you the wonders of nature. Shall we begin?” All the student’s were so exited to see what the ranger had to show, just then the ranger said… “This week, we have a very strange appearance in the woods!”  Thats when he revealed it, a large tree stump with unexpected legs. “This stump my friends, has been turned into art by students who have visited from Buckley Park Collage, the story behind this piece of work is, our bushes should be visited and appreciated more often. the trees are telling you to come again.”





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Rent a bridesmaid- Book holiday review

Rent a bridesmaid

Rent a bridesmaid is about a girl called Tilly and she travels to NYC and starts a new school, she was always shy and so that’s why she doesn’t have any friends. Later on in the year she becomes School representative Council, so she has to plan the events and make the announcements. Because of that, EVERYONE wants to her friend.


There is a mean girl called Sasha and she ALWAYS goes up to Tilly and shows of  all her 13 friends off when Tilly only has 7, Tilly wants her to stop, but she always does it every once in a while, she told the teachers a couple of times, but they never believe her. Sasha ALWAYS acts nice around teachers.


She finally grows up and her auntie is getting MARRRIED!! She was given the job of being her bridesmaid and my friend is the flower girl. Tilly was so excited because she was told she could wear the dress to her wedding…

( Tillys wedding )

While Tillys wedding continues, it has a WEDDING CRASHER! And there is another mystery to solve.

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100 word challenge


BANG, BANG, BANG…  the banging was so loud and scary coming from the attic. A part of me wanted to avoid the noise but the other part was so curious to see what it was. Curiosity took control so I slowly pulled own the attic ladder and started to climb.

I popped my head through the manhole to see the window open, the brown curtains being blown by the wind coming through causing the window doors to bang. Paper flew everywhere and my goldfish looking so scared.

Thankfully the banging stopped when I shut closed the window took a long tome to close, but i suddenly did it.

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behind The News classroom work 3: airport security.

summary sentence: blue

facts: magenta 

understandings: yellow

questions: orange


This btn was about the airport introducing security and technology.

Did you know Australian passports have a security chip inside to help the security identify you?

Did you know that fidget spinners are dangerous around and in the airport, because it could be against the law, and could get other people hurt?

I now understand that the airport has metal detectors for not just toys,but for guns and knifes. 

What was the airport like before security was introduced to the Melbourne airport?





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100 word challenge

My Grandma has been stuck in this hooded figure that I’m not going to approach.

I’m worried that i’ll get possed by it if i try to save her.  There was an old tale about this figure, it will possess you if you touch it, or go anywhere near it.  ”It’s just a lame story.” I thought to myself.

UNTIL .  .  .

But i went to touch it, just to proove to my friends that I’m not lame. I felt like it looked at me even though it had no face.

I felt like my Grandma said ”HELP.”

But maybe it was just a dream. . .

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Behind the news classroom work 2: Sharknets.

summary sentence: light sky blue

facts: plum

understandings: light pink

question: gold

This video was about Shark nets and why we have them.

Did you know that Sharks are one of the BIGGEST fish in the world, apart from whale. Also, shark nets that are used can catch and kill sharks, instead of keeping them away. Did you ALSO know that, instead of just killing sharks, shark nets are also killing turtles, sting rays, whales and dolphins.

We now understand that shark nets are killing other sea animals apart from sharks. We also understand why people don’t want shark nets.

One question that we have is that,why do people want to keep sharks away.

In this activity I worked with Liv.