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behind The News classroom work 3: airport security.

summary sentence: blue

facts: magenta 

understandings: yellow

questions: orange


This btn was about the airport introducing security and technology.

Did you know Australian passports have a security chip inside to help the security identify you?

Did you know that fidget spinners are dangerous around and in the airport, because it could be against the law, and could get other people hurt?

I now understand that the airport has metal detectors for not just toys,but for guns and knifes. 

What was the airport like before security was introduced to the Melbourne airport?





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100 word challenge

My Grandma has been stuck in this hooded figure that I’m not going to approach.

I’m worried that i’ll get possed by it if i try to save her.  There was an old tale about this figure, it will possess you if you touch it, or go anywhere near it.  ”It’s just a lame story.” I thought to myself.

UNTIL .  .  .

But i went to touch it, just to proove to my friends that I’m not lame. I felt like it looked at me even though it had no face.

I felt like my Grandma said ”HELP.”

But maybe it was just a dream. . .